Two for Tuesday: Poor Man’s Potatoes and Greek Shish Kabobs

Today is the first Two for Tuesday blog carnival. As you may have noticed I’ve been doing a lot of carnivals lately, but I’m especially excited about this carnival because I will be one of a handful of bloggers sharing in the hosting of this weekly event. Alex at A Moderate Life is the vision behind this carnival and she has graciously invited other bloggers to join her in hosting it! Thanks, Alex! So, be looking for this carnival here at in a few weeks. For today hop on over to A Moderate Life – add your link (if you are a blogger), read the other great posts, and comment away!
The recipes that I’m sharing today are family recipes of my husband’s (or at least inspired by family recipes).   They are both great recipes for grilling and camping and wonderful summer dishes. I hope you enjoy them!

Poor Man’s Potatoes:

The original family recipe is Poor Man’s Stew – they wrap ground beef, onions, potatoes and bell peppers in foil and cook it over an open fire when camping. My husband and I, however, have started making this without the ground meat (due to trying to pay off some debt and being on a very tight budget). Here’s how it’s done:


Small potatoes, washed and stabbed with a fork (as many as you want)
Onion, peeled and cut in quarters (again as many as you want)
Bell Peppers, washed and cut into large chunks (as many as  you want and whatever color you want)
Butter, about a tablespoon or two (ideally from grass fed cows)
Salt and Pepper to taste


Wrap all of the ingredients in parchment paper and place in the oven at about 350 degrees F or just under 200 degrees C. I will often put the parchment wrap into a baking dish before placing it in the oven just in case it leaks. Cook for about an hour until all the veggies are soft.
Alternately, you can wrap all the ingredients in foil and throw it right on the grill or onto an open fire and again cook until all of the ingredients are tender.

We often eat it as a meal in itself (the name isn’t just for show!). But, I think the way this is really best is as a side dish to some great grilled meat. Enter the Shish Kabobs…

Greek Shish Kabobs:

Ok, I have a confession – I’ve never actually had these Shish Kabobs. I have an allergy to wine and since they have wine in them I’ve stayed clear. But, the whole family raves about them and the recipe is so easy I just had to share.


One leg of lamb (cut up into cubes) (NOTE: you could really use any cut of lamb, or any other meat you want for this)
6 onions (sliced and squeezed with hands to get the juices out)
about 1/2 cup of red wine
about 1/2 cup Cold Pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil (the original recipe calls for vegetable oil – I DO NOT recommend vegetable oil for a number of reasons which I plan to explain in an upcoming post all about fats, for now just know that vegetable oils are not traditional and they contain a large amount of Omega 6 which most people today already have an imbalance in. Consuming vegetable oils is likely to throw off the delicate balance of Omega 6 and Omega 3 in the body so I recommend avoiding them. I would use Cold Pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil in this recipe even though I also don’t like to use Olive Oil for high heat cooking – I think that the little bit left on the meat after marinating would probably be ok. I guess you could try coating the meat in butter or lard or ghee or some more heat stable fat but I’m not sure how that would work with marinating… anyone know?)
Salt and Pepper to taste


Place all the ingredients in a large container (a pot works well) and allow it all to marinade for 2-3 days. My husband says it’s best when left for 3 days. After 3 days pull out the meat, put it on skewers and grill it until cooked to desired doneness. That’s it! Enjoy!

You can also add other veggies to your skewers if you want. I recommend serving this with a yogurt sauce…

Onion and Garlic Yogurt Sauce:


Yogurt (I use about 200g or about 2 cups)
Roasted Garlic (we like garlic so I would roast a whole head of garlic and put in as many cloves as I could keep myself from eating)
Sautéed onion (I usually use one big onion or two small ones)
A sprinkle of Herbs De Providence
Salt and Pepper to taste


Mix the yogurt, Garlic and onion together in a blender or food processor. Stir in Herbs de Providence and salt and pepper to taste. Serve as a dip for Greek Shish Kabobs, spoon over Poor Man’s Potatoes, or serve as a dip for fresh cut veggies.
Well, I hope you all enjoyed this first edition of Two for Tuesdays! Go check out A Moderate Life for more wonderful recipes!

Rejoicing in the journey –
Beth Stedman
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7 thoughts on “Two for Tuesday: Poor Man’s Potatoes and Greek Shish Kabobs

  1. Hi Beth! Thanks for the shout out and for graciously offering to host the traveling carny! Your recipes look divine. As you know, my dad is greek, so anything with the lovely Mediterranean flavor makes me think of home and how my mom cooked for my dad! Going to have to try this this weekend.

    Also, have you considered getting organic sulfate free wine to make the recipe? I have friends who have wine issues but can take the “good stuff”. If its too much of an issue, of course, avoidance is best!

    🙂 Alex

    1. Alex, yeah, I’ve tried sulfate free wines and still had problems, we think I actually have a sensitivity to grapes (go figure!) so no wine for me. Sometimes I can handle a little bit of something cooked with it, but not always and most of the time I just don’t risk it. Thanks for the suggestion though – I do know a lot of people with wine problems who do much better with sulfate free wines (my mom is an example).

  2. the taters sound yummy! I think I will try those this weekend and they fit right into my budget!

    The kabobs sound good but I am not much of a meat eater so I don’t do lamb but really interested in your future post about oils… I don’t cook with a lot of oil (ok lets face it, I don’t cook a lot period) but I don’t really understand a whole lot about the difference between whats good and bad, and the whole heat stable thing either… usually use what I have on hand, either olive oil or vegetable but want to know the ins and outs of it all….

    ps. congrats on the blog carnival… they are so fun and have lead me to some of the greatest blogs so I am excited to see what yours brings!

  3. Potatoes… every time I eat them, I just can’t believe how versatile, how inexpensive, how G-O-O-D they are. I’m gf, and potatoes have become one of my staples. Instead of eating gobs of nasty imitation breads, I dine on lovely simple potatoes, and I’m satisfied.

    1. Butterpoweredbike, I totally agree with you! Potatoes are always so surprisingly and seriously YUMMY! We eat them in one form or another at least once a week. Definitely a stable for us as well.
      Sandra, I hope you do try the potatoes – let me know what you think of them. The ins and outs of oils and cooking fats can definitely be a little confusing and I’m still learning myself. But, I think it’s all really fascinating and I am looking forward to writing that post – I’m glad that you are looking forward to it too 🙂

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