Scenes From my Life: Happy Father’s Day

I have loved watching my husband become a father. I have been amazed at what an amazing father he is and has been from day one. He instantly cared so much and bonded so deeply with our child. He is quick to spend time with Thaddeus and loves him so well. I feel so blessed to have this amazing man as the father of my son and I can’t wait to watch him develop even more in this area as Thaddeus grows up and as we eventually have more children.

In honor of Father’s Day today I wanted to share with you a few pictures of my husband, Bryan, and my son, Thaddeus. I love my boys so much!!!


The Day Thaddeus was born


Bryan and Thad having a little chat (roughly three weeks after Thad was born)


Cuddling with Daddy


Bryan carrying Thad in the baby Bjorn. Baby wearing dad’s are HOT!


My boys. Aren’t they both sooo cute? Thad was about four months old here.


This is probably my favorite picture of the three of us from Thad’s first few weeks/months. We all love each other very much!

Happy First Father’s Day, my love!!

Rejoicing in the journey –
Bethany Stedman

If you'd like to help with medical bills or the other expenses related to Bryan's cancer or Sage's special needs click here. Thank you! We are forever so grateful to so many who have gotten us this far and continue to carry us forward. Grace and peace.

4 thoughts on “Scenes From my Life: Happy Father’s Day

    1. Oh, Melissa, Alex is going to make a Great dad! You are going to love watching him with your new little baby – it’s going to bring a whole new level of love to your relationship (it’ll bring a LOT of things to your relationship, but one is an ability to see and love a whole new side of Alex). I really am so excited for you!

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