Grace and Peace and Weekend Rest

Over the month of November I’m attempting to write a short piece of fiction every day, but today I decided to give myself some extra grace on weekends. When possible, I’ll write. When things are busy and full, I’ll sit with grace. The sabbath is for rest after all.

So, I have nothing for you today and, to be honest, I’m not sure I’ll have anything for you tomorrow either. But, whether this space is silent or not tomorrow there will be something here on Monday. I don’t want to only do this project when it’s easy, but I do want to know what my limits are and when it’s ok to acknowledge them.

So, check back on Monday, friends!

Grace and peace,

If you'd like to help with medical bills or the other expenses related to Bryan's cancer or Sage's special needs click here. Thank you! We are forever so grateful to so many who have gotten us this far and continue to carry us forward. Grace and peace.

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