Days of Play...

img_1092.jpg The last few days have been really wonderful times for my husband and I… not much in particular has happened. In fact most days we have done nothing but work from home like normal. But, something was different. Maybe we have just been more attentive and aware of each other, maybe it was just a special gift of grace given by God, whatever it was it felt different. We laughed more together, we played more together, and we enjoyed each other and delighted in each other more. The activities of our day were really no different than normal but the feel of the day was different. We took time to talk together, to dream together, to dance in the kitchen, and giggle together over a silly shared joke, and to kiss often, and chase each other around the house, and just have fun together. It has been really wonderful. Last night we were reading together from the Gospel of Mark and all of a sudden I got really “slap happy” (giddy and giggly) and started saying names and places from the passage in funny ways and Bryan and I ended up talking and giggling together for maybe an hour. There were a few times when I tried to stop the conversation and get to sleep knowing that I needed to get up at a relatively early hour the next day, but then I stopped myself…wasn’t this moment of fun just what I have been longing for and asking God for? So, I just enjoyed it… and it was a beautiful moment. In fact all the giggling and talking led me to an idea for a novel … Play really does lead to creativity.

Thank you Lord for how you have been working in my marriage. Thank you for bringing us moments to enjoy each other and for opening our eyes to really see each other and be attentive to each other. I pray that you would continue to work a work of love in our marriage – each day bringing us closer to each other and closer to you. Thank you for the moments of play that you have given us recently – Lord, teach us to as little children delight in you and in others. I pray all this that you might be glorified through my marriage, through my play, and through the creative projects you lead me to. In Jesus name. Amen.

Rejoicing in the journey – Beth Stedman

Photograph by Beth Stedman