Longing for Home

Christ circle me.Keep comfort within and discouragement without.

Today I feel tired and lonely. Today I cry and miss home... I miss the golden spires of Prague. I miss the streets at dusk when the sky is deep blue and the shadows on the street are long but golden. I miss the beautifully painted eggs at the Easter markets. I miss the castle all lit up at night. I miss the comforts of my own bed. I miss the view from my window. I miss the fruit and vegetable stands in the street by the square. I miss the church at Namesti Miru. I miss the public transportation – even the crowded metros at rush hour. I miss reading and people watching on the tram. I miss hearing the beautiful language which is Czech - even though I still can't understand it. I miss “pivo”. I miss our chili plant and watching it grow. I miss church there and miss feeling excited about church. I miss feeling like I was part of something – however small my part. Most of all I miss the people. I miss praying with Carrie and Sarah. I miss talking with Carrie and Sarah. I miss the long talks with so many interesting and diverse people. I miss Irena’s sarcasm. I miss Isaiah’s adorable little smile. I miss church gatherings and “storying” together. I miss playing Settlers of Catan with people. I miss dinner parties. I miss English nights with the students we used to teach. I miss playing with the gypsy kids and seeing their big smiles. I miss talking with the Bakers and getting to know them. I miss hearing Bryan and Mathias talk about various business schemes. I miss everyone. I miss Prague.

Christ, circle me. Keep comfort within and discouragement without. Keep me firmly planted in the present and help me to enjoy this time in the states. Comfort me with your presence, Lord, in moments when I feel lonely and weary of traveling. And with each day, each triumph and trail, draw me closer to that true home which is yet to come and that true self which I have yet to experience. Christ, circle me. Keep comfort within and discouragement without.

Rejoicing in the journey - Beth Stedman

Photograph by Beth Stedman