Sunday Church Talks: Church in a Coffee Shop

Today I experienced church. Not when I went to church, but when I met a few friends for coffee. It was a time of sharing and listening to each other. It was a time of encouraging one another and just being there for one another. I shared more of myself and my story then I had planned but I felt safe there and like I could share more then I’d intended. I listened to others share and in doing so became myself a part of their story. It was a beautiful time. I think this is what we need – what I need. I think people need other people to walk through life with them. We need people to listen to us and validate us. We need people to speak truth to us and challenge us and we need people to encourage us and support us. We need people with whom we can share ourselves with little by little. And we need to hear other people’s stories and see bits of their deep self’s, because it’s in those glimpses that we learn that we are not alone. We learn that our struggles are also the struggles of others. Our fears are also the fears of others. Our triumphs and joys are also the triumphs and joys of others. We need this reminder – or at least I know I do. I need this. Thank you for being church with me, my friends!

So, in what ways have you experienced real fellowship/friendship and church (the body of Christ being the body of Christ) lately? I’d love to hear J

Rejoicing in the journey - Bethany