Just a few things I'm thankful for...

A non-exhaustive, incomplete list of things I’m feeling thankful for, in no particular order:

- My wonderful husband, Bryan - Sweet potatoes, pumpkins and other yummy goodness - All of my grandparents - My momoo - My dad - My nieces and nephews - All the babies coming into my life in the next few months (through family and friends) - Being in the states for thanksgiving - The Malouf’s - My in-laws (Blake, Lisa and Tamara) - My sister - Kyle “Black” - The Schwender’s - The Baker’s - The Springer’s - The Hasik’s - The Stewart’s - Amber at Homeschool Diva and her willingness to collaborate with me - Poiema and the chance to work with so many artists and create an art exhibit for Advent - Being a part of Christian Associates International’s team in Prague - My camera - Renee Bergmen and the great conversation we had this week - Laura and the chance to hang out with her and share life together last night - Ryan - Angela - Doing prayer and yoga with the ladies - The chance to get certified as a yoga teacher and learn so much - Old friends that I haven’t seen or talked to much in a while and the influence they had on me in the past - New friends that I look forward to getting to know better - The three-headed friend monster - The bigness of the sky in AZ - The greenness of Seattle - Dr. Mike - A place to live - Food on the table Lord, thank you for these and the many other blessings you’ve poured into my life this year. Thank you for the adventure you have Bryan and me on and for all the coming turns in the road.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

Rejoicing in the journey - Bethany