Faith amidst Pain

On March 17th some friends of mine lost their baby 11 days before their due date. Honestly I haven’t wanted to write about this, it just seemed too painful and unfair and I hurt for them – it didn’t seem like the type of thing to share here. But, they have been keeping a blog and it has been amazing to read about their journey. I have cried while reading every single entry they have written since the loss, but I have also seen such beautiful faith and honest love for God even amidst pain that I think this is worth sharing. I think others should hear their story, join in praying for them and with them and see what it can look like to walk authentically and openly into pain with Christ right by your side, not running from the pain or putting on a happy face, but experiencing fully the depravity of loss as well as the peace of God’s presence through it.

The site is I recommend you start with the entry from March 17th or 18th and work up from there.

Rejoicing in the journey - Bethany