What is a Spiritual Practice Blog Series

Christine Sine’s blog series on What is a Spiritual Practice has been going strong and there have already been a number of very interesting articles and the promise of more to come. If you haven’t been following this series, I encourage you to check it out. Here are the posts so far:

Jason Clark - Smoking to the Glory of God?

Mark Scandrette - Love-Making as a Spiritual Practice

T Freeman - The Spiritual Practice of Apologizing

Brigid Walsh Gleaning as Spiritual Practice

Bowie Snodgrass Grief as Spiritual Practice

Thomas Turner Engagement as Spiritual Practice

Stan Thornburg Making Space for the Rabbi

Gary Heard Encountering the Stranger as Spiritual Practice and GPS Navigation as Spiritual Practice

Jason Fowler Listening for God’s Voice in Music

Sheila Hight Birdkeeping as Spiritual Practice

Steve Taylor Composting as Spiritual Practice

John O’Hara Anyone Can Cook – Spirituality in the Kitchen

Bethany Stedman – crying as a spiritual practice

Christopher Heuertz – Feeling close to God in the graveyard

Gerard Kelly – twittering as a spiritual practice

Tim Mathis – blogging as as a spiritual practice

Mary Naegeli – Writing a sermon as spiritual practice

Hannah Haui Cultural Protocol as spiritual practice

Jamie Arpin Ricci Pet Ownership as spiritual practice

Matt Stone – Listening to Enemies as Spiritual Practice

Dan Cooper – Washing Dishes as Spiritual Discipline

Maryellen Young – The spiritual practice of taking a shower

Christine Sine - virtual Eucharist: Is this a spiritual practice

christine Sine - Is Breathing a Spiritual Practice

I found today’s post “Smoking to the Glory of God?” to be particularly helpful to the dialogue as it reminded us that, “Everything can be a ‘spiritual practice’, but not everything is a ‘spiritual practice’.  It is the ends, the means, and the formation that takes place within our activities that determines what is ‘spiritual’.

Rejoicing in the journey - Bethany Stedman