Our Volcano Adventure

The past week we had our own crazy adventure due to the volcano in Iceland. Because of this volcano many have had their plans changed and the stories that will come out of the past week will be worth sharing. Our story is perhaps not as dramatic as many of the others that will be told, but it’s still our own and I feel it is still fun to share a little bit of it. On Friday of last week my parents were stranded in Munich needing to get to London for business meetings. So, they called us and asked if we could rent a car and come pick them up in Munich and drive them to London. After 3 hours of running around the house like chickens with our heads cut off, trying to pack and get everything ready, we were on the road to Munich. We stayed there a night and then drove to Nancy in France the next day. The following day we drove to Orleans just south of Paris and stayed there for two nights and then back on the road to London. We stayed one full day in London and then we left my parents and drove back to Prague. It took us two days of driving all day to get back to Prague. In the end we had spent about 44 hours in the car (with an almost 7 month old) in 7 days. It was crazy.

The saddest part of our trip was that my sister and her husband, who were suppose to be flying out to London for the meetings as well, were never able to make it because their airports didn’t open up in time. When we left Prague we really thought that they would still be able to make it to London and we were so excited that we were going to get to see them and surprise them in London. The fact that we were going to see them was the thing that really made us decide that taking the road trip and spending so much time in the car with a baby was worth it. We were all really disappointed that they never made it. I was especially sad that I didn’t get to spend time with my beautiful sister and wasn’t able to share London with her.

I was glad though to get to see my parents and have some time with them. And there were a few highlights of the trip (some things that made the hours squeezed in a car with a fussy baby sort of worth it):

-          My mom getting to see Thaddeus’ army crawl in person

-          Seeing my parents playing with and holding my baby boy

-          Having foie gras in France

-          Trying sweetbreads (which were actually really tasty)

-          A good talk with my parents

-          Meeting some new people

-          Staying at The Montague in London which is one of our favorite hotels

Here's a little movie showing some of our trip (NOTE: if you are reading this in facebook you have to actually visit the blog to see the video. Click here to visit my blog).  The first is all the little videos we took on the trip and the second is a condensed version. Enjoy!

Rejoicing in the journey - Bethany