Scenes From my Life

I think I’m going to make Sunday’s picture day. I say that hesitantly though because I know I’ve never been good at keeping a schedule or structure. So, for now Sunday’s will be picture day, but next week… well… who knows? First up, I love Dutch Baby Pancakes. I tried making them with soaked flour recently and with sourdough, but neither of them turned out very well, so these ones were a special treat. Whole wheat Dutch Baby’s with coconut milk and maple syrup.


A few weeks ago a good friend of ours organized a charity walk/run to raise support for at risk children here in Prague. It was a really great afternoon and they raised a good amount of money. Here are a few pictures from our time there:


I love my husband so much and my “little man”. These pictures of my boys are from mother’s day and they make me smile:


Hope you enjoyed this little peek into my life. There will be more to come next week… well, probably.

Rejoicing in the journey - Beth Stedman