Admiration Monday: Elizabeth Ramos

Ok, today’s Admiration Monday post is actually about someone I don’t know all that well. Her name is Elizabeth Ramos and even though I just met her I think she ROCKS! Elizabeth and her husband Andrew recently spent a month in Prague visiting some friends of theirs who happen to be good friends of ours. My husband hung out with them off and on throughout their trip and I had the pleasure of having dinner with them and also a little impromptu cheesecake picnic while they were here.

They are both wonderfully talented designers in Greenville, SC. Andrew focuses on designing logos and web sites and Lib focuses on print design. SIDE NOTE: I love Lib as a nickname for Elizabeth – I’ve heard Liz and Beth before, and I have a friend named Elizabeth that I call Ella, but I’d never heard Lib before and I think it’s really cute. Anyway, they both also run this beautiful company, Two over Zero.

I liked Lib from the start. She was very sweet and she asked great questions (a characteristic I personally love). I felt like we would have plenty in common if given the opportunity to get to know each other better. We bonded with Andrew and Lib while talking about creativity and starting your own business (my husband does web design, web implementation and SEO work). We connected over a shared interest in food. And we commiserated over our brown thumbs and ability to kill living plants, despite our desire to have a garden.

Lib has a beautiful blog show casing her latest projects and creative endeavors, and sharing her thoughts. Here’s just a little tidbit of how she describes herself on her blog:

“I love simple beauty: a handmade bag, the warm smell of home-baked cookies, and the thrill of a thrift-store find.”

Yes, Lib and I could be friends.

Sometimes meeting new people is a strange thing. It’s great to meet someone you think you could connect with, but sad when you know you won’t have opportunity to get to know that person and there’s a chance you’ll never see them again. This big wide world is an interesting place, isn’t it? With so many interesting people, spread all across the globe. It’s a weird thought to think that I may have kindred spirits whom I will never meet, or who upon meeting I will never meet again.

Well, to all of my fellow lovers of good design, simplicity, and beauty, I encourage you to head over to Lib’s blog, look around, and then head over to her etsy store and see the beautiful things she creates.

Oh, and if you are an artist living near Greenville, SC, check out this amazing project Lib is starting. It’s called The Indie Craft Parade.  It’s “a juried art market, catering to independent artisans and their handcrafted goods.” You can apply to participate any time before June 18th at midnight (EST). It looks like it’s going to be an amazing event.

A Blessing for Lib:

Circle Lib, Father. Keep joy near and discouragement afar. Circle Lib, Lord. May she continue to see beauty in the simple. May she find you in all beauty. Circle Lib, Spirit. Bless her envisioning and her creating. Bless her work and her play. Circle Lib, Father. When self doubts creep in, push them out. When vision fades into hard work, give her strength. When imagination fails, bring to her inspiration. Circle Lib, Lord. Keep peace within and discouragement out. Circle and sustain Lib, Spirit, In the name of the eternal three. Amen.

Rejoicing in the journey - Bethany Stedman