Two For Tuesdays Blog Hop

twofortuesdaysLast week I introduced you to this exciting new carnival and told you that I was one of four hosts sharing in this event. Well, today I have some exciting news!

Two for Tuesdays is becoming a blog hop! THIS WEEK!

What is a blog hop?

Basically a blog hop is a blog carnival on steroids.

With a blog carnival one blogger will play host and post a bunch of links to other blogs. Sometimes they will have these links sent to them through email and then post them. But, with applications like Linky Tools it’s easiest for them to just place some simple code on their web site and allow anyone who wants to participate to add their link to the post using the application.

A blog hop, on the other hand, allows more than one blog to host a carnival at the same time. It is a great application created by Linky Tools and makes it so that any URL link added on one of the “hosting” sites will show up on all the other “hosting” sites.

And Why should I participate?

For bloggers, this is a GREAT way to get more exposure and increase your audience! A blog hop means that if you add your link to one site it will show up on multiple sites, which can only mean good things for you! Traffic isn’t the only reason why bloggers should participate in blog carnivals/hops though, carnivals are a great way to meet new bloggers and make new connections. So, jump in, post your links, meet some new friends and build your audience!

For readers, giving people the opportunity to add their link from multiple places means more links over all and a larger list of links for you! That means more information, more recipes, more help, more encouragement, more of all that you are looking for when you read blogs! So, even if you don’t have a blog, carnivals are great for you too and you should definitely seek them out and read, read, read! Plus, most carnivals and blog hops (ours included) will encourage you to add your own opinions, or recipes in the comment section, so you can actively participate even if you don’t have a blog.

So, now that  you know the general info on what a blog hop is, let me tell you about our blog hop:

Two for Tuesdays

Alex at A Moderate life is the visionary behind this wonderful carnival idea. It’s a real food blog hop, meaning that contributors are asked to post about real food. Alex named it Two for Tuesdays with the hope that people would post two recipes in their blog (how great is that two recipes for the price of one!). But, Alex and all of us Two for Tuesdayers want this to stay open, so to quote Alex, “you can post two recipes, two links, a recipe with a variation or ANY real food or wholesome food information.”

Allow me introduce my fellow Two for Tuesday Hosts:

Alex at A Moderate Life Heather at girlichef Michelle at Health Food Lover

I encourage you to visit all of their beautiful blogs, say hello and subscribe to their feeds – you won’t regret it!

Here’s How to Participate in Two for Tuesdays:

  1. Write a post about anything having to do with real food. If you want to include a recipe (or two) that’s GREAT, but you definitely don’t have to. Write about what you are passionate about, what you are learning, what you are trying, or ANYTHING having to do with real, wholesome, traditional food.
  2. Include a badge (see below) and/or a link back to that particular weeks Two for Tuesdays post hosted on my site (or any of my fellow hosts Two for Tuesday’s post).

  3. Go to any of the four hosting blogs on Tuesday and put up your link. It’s super easy – I promise! Just follow the directions given by Mr. Linky. NOTE: the linky application for each week will stay up till the following Tuesday, so if you aren’t able to link up on Tuesday don’t worry you can always add your link later in the week!
  4. After adding your link leave a comment on one (or all four of our sites). This ensures that we won’t miss your entry and that even more people will be sure to check out your post.

That’s it! After that you can just hop around and read all the other great posts and enjoy Two for Tuesdays to the fullest!

BONUS: In the spirit of comradely, if you are a blogger and you love the exposure that blog carnivals provide and the new friends you meet through them, here are some other blog carnivals focused on food that also happen on Tuesday. I like sharing, so after you’ve added your link to our blog hop, jump over to any of these sites and add your link there as well!

Tuesday Twister at GNOWFGLINS Slightly Indulgent Tuesday at Simply Sugar & Gluten-Free Tempt my Tummy Tuesday at Blessed with Grace

I truly hope you ALL participate in Two for Tuesdays THIS WEEK! I can’t wait to see all the great links that come in!

Rejoicing in the journey - Beth Stedman