Stretch yourself with private yoga lessons

Before Sarah started teaching yoga herself, she was my friend. And she was the first person to ever ask me to teach private yoga lessons. For about a year we met regularly and I basically took her through a modified version of the teacher trainings I had been through. We practiced yoga together, talked anatomy, shared life, and prayed together. It was an incredible experience. 

Now, Sarah is teaching weekly herself. Leading students through a beautiful class every Thursday morning at 9am at The Rock (the same place I teach at), on the SE corner of Thunderbird & 32nd Street in Phoenix. If I’m going to go to a yoga class myself, her class is the class I go to. Her class is both gentle and challenging, and it always feels like a safe and encouraging space. I walk away from her class feeling stronger, more relaxed, and uplifted. 


Sarah is passionate, genuine, and has a remarkable ability to create an environment that makes people feel at ease. She is a compassionate teacher, who recognizes the importance of listening to our bodies and recognizes that every body is different — what’s right for one, might not be right for another. 

If you’re looking for a place to practice regularly, I highly recommend her class. 

Sarah is offering 3 private individual classes or 1 private group class (highest bidders choice). If you want to take your yoga practice to the next level, or just learn something new, bidding on these private classes would be a great place to start. Or if private lessons aren’t really your jam, you can bid on this to alternatively get a private class session and have Sarah lead you and a group of friends through a personalized experience. 

Maybe your bible study or book club wants to do a Saturday morning yoga experience together, where you can explore the things you’ve been talking about in your body rather than just your heads. Or maybe you want to do yoga with a few close friends as a way of celebrating your birthday and moving into the new year with an intention of health.

Sarah also has experience teaching yoga for kids, so maybe you want to get this as a gift for a child in your life who’s been curious about yoga and wants to try it out. 

Jump on this quick and enjoy meeting my wonderful friend, Sarah. 

Valued between $70-120
Minimum bid $40
Phoenix/Scottsdale locals only

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