Breakthrough barriers with Sarah Springer

Sarah Springer is one of my closest friends in the world and there are very few people who know me as well as she does. We met when we were both living in the Czech Republic and we have stayed in touch and close ever since. 

Sarah has a rare gift for asking the right questions. She is good at making people feel comfortable and putting them at ease. And she’s not afraid of going to the deep, hidden, internal, hard places with people. 

She’s organized and insightful and if you need someone to call you on your shit (excuse the language) and help you move forward towards a goal, no one will do that with as much grace and love as Sarah. She absolutely loves seeing people step away from fear and move towards transformation to achieve their goals and dreams.

I’ve never done an official coaching experience with Sarah, but I can say as her friend that she isn’t easily shocked or surprised. She’s a safe place. 

I have had the great privilege of being a part of some of the retreats and experiences she has planned and each time I walk away refreshed and challenged, having received something I needed from the time together. 

Sarah has a level 1 training certification from the Allender Center and a Masters in Transformational Leadership from Bethel Seminary. She is also an Associate Certified Coach with the International Coaching Federation. In other words she’s well trained and more than capable of coaching you through to the next stage of your journey. 

Sarah is donating 6 one hour sessions, which is more than enough to break through some barriers and help you move towards your goal.

Make an investment in your future, while making an investment in Sage’s as well. 

Valued at $400+
Minimum bid $150

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