Capture the moment with a Suzy Goodrick photo session

When I started following Suzy on Instagram, her husband was very sick and she was facing the world of caregiver at a very young age. In fact, if I remember right, they hadn’t even been married all that long. My heart went out to her in understanding and that was why I hit follow. 

But, I quickly fell in love with her photography. Her photos feel natural and real. She tells a story with every snapshot.  


Thankfully, Suzy’s husband has recovered, but that sort of experience has a way of lingering and shaping people, expanding them into new depths of compassion. I felt that compassion in Suzy’s email, when she reached out to me asking if she could donate a photo session to Sage’s auction. Of course, I said a hearty, “YES!” 

Suzy specializes in couples and wedding photography, but she’s opening this up to offer something that I know a lot of you are going to want. Suzy is donating a 30 minute session with 30+ photos for couples, families, an individual, you and your dog, whatever. ;)

So, if you are in the Phoenix area and want some gorgeous professional photos, this is the item to bid on.

Valued at $350
Minimum bid $200
Phoenix area only
Booking based on availability
Must be claimed before 12/31/20

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