Find your inner warrior


Just a few days before the auction my friend, Olivia, showed up with four items for donation, worth hundreds of dollars total. It was such an incredible surprise and gift to have her jump in with not just one or two things, but a whole bunch of items. The generosity of our community continually amazes me.

This gift certificate will get you one month of free unlimited classes at Lee’s ATA. You can choose from any of the following programs:

Tiny TIgers (ages 3-6)
Karate for kids (ages 7-12
Taekwondo for adults (ages 13+)
Kickboxing aerobics (full body intensive cardio)
Cage fitness (MMA style bag work)
Warrior fit (Resistance & strength training)
KRAV MAGA (Contact combat)

Lee’s ATA has locations throughout Arizona.

Try something new, while improving your health and increasing your strength.

Valued at $145
Minimum bid $25
Available to be redeemed only in AZ

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