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Caroline and I have followed each other on social media for years now and I’ve always been so impressed with the wisdom, insight, and grace she shows there. Her youtube yoga videos are some of my favorites when I can’t make it to a class and want to be led through something rather than just practice on my own. 

About a year ago, Caroline started something really special. She built a community where those who want to practice yoga and follow Jesus could do that together in community and receive resources that help. She built a beautiful, growing, vibrant community full of life for both yoga teachers and yoga practitioners. 

Here’s a little intro video so you can get a taste of what The Abbey is about. 

I’ll be honest, I was a little terrified when I reached out to Caroline about this auction. Sure we’d known each other online for awhile, but asking her to donate a whole years membership felt like a big ask and I really wasn’t sure what she would say.

I shouldn’t have been afraid though, because Caroline responded with a quick and hearty “I would LOVE to.”

Here’s what you get EACH MONTH with a year membership: 

  • 4 monthly yoga videos (two 60 minute and two 30 minute) and playlists

  • A deep dive study of a passage of scripture

  • A guided audio Lectio Divina and guided meditation practice recording

  • Access to The Abbey facebook group

  • Access to the archives

So, friends, if you have been looking for a way to connect your spiritual life with your body, The Abbey is for you. There’s no restrictions on this one, so wherever you live, jump on in. 


The Abbey also offers an incredible “Leaders” membership. We aren’t auctioning this off, but I want to mention it because I think it’s such an amazing resource. 

When I finished my first yoga teacher training, I felt like I had just been drinking from a fire hose and then suddenly it was turned off and I didn’t know where to turn for guidance. So, of course, I eventually went and did another teacher training because that seemed like the only way to get the additional guidance and help I still felt like I needed. 


I quickly realized though that what I needed wasn’t another expensive teacher training, what I needed was tangible help with the how-to’s of teaching yoga. I needed a little hand holding and a community to cheer me on, not to mention ideas for when I was stuck. 

This need is exactly the idea behind the leader membership at The Abbey. In addition to the resources in the regular membership, they provide you with practical resources like sequence breakdowns (with tips on how to cue) and theme flashcards to help you theme your classes around that months scripture passages. This is so incredibly helpful (especially if you are just getting started teaching), so I just had to mention it :) 

Valued at $140
Minimum bid $75

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