Fall in love with the Arlo books


I’ve known Kari since she was a little girl. She was in every one of the theater camps my aunt and I ran every summer during my teenage and college years. The last camp we did we decided to let the kids write their own show. They each wrote a monologue, and together the group wrote most of the music as well. That was the first indication I had that Kari could write, and write well. 

After spending a few years as a journalist, she decided to write her own children’s book. That book soon turned into a series of books about an adorable little elephant, Arlo. The series has been wonderfully received and even won a few awards. 

These books explore experiences familiar to young children, things like going to the dentist, riding on an airplane for the first time, and going to the farmers market. 

Kari is generously donating all three books in this series and a handmade stuffed Arlo elephant. Kari will also personalize the books with your child’s name in the front and she’ll sign them.

Jump in and introduce the kids in your life to this memorable little elephant. 


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