Nourish your skin with Golden Dew Serum from Lylah’s Bespoke Collection

Lylah Ledner and her husband are remarkable people and they do something remarkable — they run a farm in the desert. Yes, you read that right. The Simple Farm is tucked away right in the middle of Scottsdale. The first time I went there it felt a little like stepping into a different realm, moving out of the city for a moment and into a tranquil oasis. 


Bryan and I met Lylah through a friend, and quickly connected with her and her music-loving husband. At the height of some of Bryan’s worst cancer seasons they donated a weekly farm box to us, filled with fresh grown produce and also refreshing goat milk from their goats. It was a gift that I will never forget, providing nourishment to both our bodies and our hearts. 

When Sage was little I used to take her to volunteer at the farm and visit the goats. She loved it and her face would light up every time she got to go there. 

From their farm, they run a number of different entrepreneurial projects. They host events and beautiful dinners (which you can buy tickets for here). They sell the most delicious goat milk caramels ever (which you can buy here). And recently Lylah started her own line of skin care products. Her products are 100% natural, non-toxic, and made with ingredients she grows herself. Incredible, right? 

Best of all Lylah really deeply cares about women and she pours that care into her products, wanting to create something that truly nourishes your skin and provides it with the nutrients it needs. 

Lylah is generously donating a bottle of Golden Dew Serum, from her Bespoke Collection, to the auction.


I don’t know about you, but I’m not that great at taking care of my skin. It’s just one of those things that usually falls to the bottom of the list. But there was a short season when we were living in Seattle when I used a serum like this one each night and it was such a relaxing ritual. It really is something I should go back to, and I’d definitely recommend that you try it. 

So, jump in and bid on this item to care for yourself and Sage at the same time. 

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