(TWO winners) Unlock your home's hidden potential with Hey Now Interiors


When Bryan and I lived in Prague and Thad was just a baby, Amy and Dennis Hadley lived in a flat just through the tunnel and up the hill from ours. It was a truly special place (you can see a video of it and read about how hard it was to decorate in a post-communist country here). Amy created the kind of welcoming environment that puts people at ease the moment you walk in the door. Their home was put together, but not in a way that felt stuffy or overly-perfect. It was perfect for them, filled with the coolest little touches that sparked conversation and creativity.

There was no Hey Now Interiors then, but even then I saw her skill at work in how she designed her own home and how she helped spark inspiration in her friends about theirs. One of my favorite memories of being in their flat, is a gingerbread making party they hosted. It was truly epic! Each team was assigned a part of town to build and design. They even had awards at the end. 

Amy Hadley is energetic, insightful, kind, and one of the most creative individuals I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing. Believe me when I say, you will love her. 

Maybe, like me, you feel like your house is a jumble of miscellaneous things with no real connection. There’s that old hand-me-down you got from your parents when you moved in and they updated their furniture. Some of your walls have pictures hanging on them, but others are bare and empty, or the pictures you have don’t seem to go together as well as you thought they would. You move around your furniture regularly, but it never feels quite right. 

No, just me? 

Well, maybe you’re not as bad as me. But, maybe you just feel like your house needs an update because it doesn’t feel like it fits you and your lifestyle anymore. 

Amy can help. Winning this auction item will get you a 2 hour virtual consultation where Amy will get to know a little about you, and your needs at this season in your life. She’ll do a walk through of your house and make recommendations, sharing ideas and suggestions as you go. In essence, you’ll get a crash course in interior design tailored to your home and your needs. 

You want to jump in on this, if for no other reason than for an excuse to meet my friend Amy, because seriously she’s amazing.


Valued at $400
Minimum bid $150

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