Tuck into the recipes and writings of Beth Ables

The first time I met Beth Ables she had invited us over to her home for dinner. We were in South Carolina visiting some friends of ours and their friend, Beth, invited us over for a little dinner party with a few other friends as well. Now, I have to admit I was awkward, and a little star-struck as I had been hearing about how amazing Beth and the other dinner party guests were for years. Plus, I had read some of Beth’s writing. And, as I mentioned in the auction post about Anis Mojgani, good writers make me nervous and star-struck. 

But, I really had no need to be nervous, because Beth, and everyone there, made Bryan and I feel so incredibly welcome from the moment we walked in the door. 

I don’t remember what Beth made, but I do remember it was absolutely delicious. I’m pretty sure I had seconds. Most of all I remember how I felt sitting around the table, aware that we were the least interesting people in the room, and yet also at ease and comfortable. There was a relaxed genuineness to the gathering, and yet also an intentional investment in the conversation — a gentle pushing into each other’s lives that I find to be rare and sorely missing in most environments. 

It was a very special night and that was largely because of Beth Ables — her food, her home, her words. 

Recently Beth published two beautiful cookbooks. Each one interspersed with her writings and thoughts and wisdom. These books are a beautiful representation of the woman behind them, and they are definitely something on my personal Christmas wish list (hint, hint, Bryan) ;) 

Friends, if you love good writing and good food, I highly encourage you to pick up a copy of this cookbook even if you don’t win this auction item. 

When Beth heard about this auction she offered to donate both books, a spoon, and a tea towel. So, get your kitchen ready and start bidding.

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