Cherish a lovely modern quilt from Heather Ridley

My mom always loved quilts. Maybe it started when we were living on the east coast and spent some time exploring Amish country, or maybe it started before that — I’m not really sure. But, she passed her admiration for the art form down to me. 

I have, however, no skill for it. I’ve tried a few times and it’s only made me admire those who can do this even more.

When Bryan and I got married a friend made us a beautiful quilt that is still one of my most precious possessions. Thinking about the effort, work, care, and detail that goes into a quilt, always makes me feel a sense of awe. 

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This gorgeous quilt is a modern take on a traditional Amish pattern. It features a white background with black and chartreuse pop pinwheels. It would be a lovely quilt to cuddle up with on a cold winter’s night, but I can also picture it hanging from a wall as a statement piece or draped over a couch or bed for added texture in a room.

This stunning quilt was lovingly designed, pieced, sewn, and bound by my friend Rachel’s mom, Heather Ridley.

Valued at $550
Minimum bid $150

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