Get away for awhile in Chelan, Washington

I don’t know about you, but I could use a vacation and this one sounds amazing. This beautiful home has four bedrooms, four bathrooms, and a den and can comfortably sleep 8-10 people. There’s  a pool, hot tub, fire pit, and a wraparound deck with an awesome view of the lake. There’s also a projector with a massive screen for an outdoor (or indoor) theater experience. 

In the winter there’s skiing, snowshoeing, tubing, and other winter activities nearby. It’s also only about an hour from Leavenworth, a Bavarian town with full Christmas markets and incredible lights displays. In the summer there’s swimming, hiking, nearby wineries, a cool Western town just an hour away, and potentially access to a boat with a driver. 

This property is not yet listed on any vacation rental sites, although it will be soon. This is an opportunity to get in on it before anyone else discovers how amazing it is and drives up the price ;) 

How did this property come to be in Sage’s auction? Well, it’s owned by some family friends of ours. When they heard about the auction they jumped in with this incredible donation. Their son, Matt, has been one of Bryan’s closest friends since High School and was even one of the groomsmen in our wedding. When I pray for Thaddeus, I often pray that he will have friends like Matt and the other guys my husband befriended in high school. Some of those guys (including Matt) have come out to visit us almost every year since Bryan was diagnosed with cancer. They are some of my favorite humans and I’m grateful that I married into such an incredible friend group. 

Matt’s parents, who own this property are also pretty amazing and some of the sweetest, most considerate people we know. Here’s something else I’ll tell you about Matt’s dad -- he really likes fixing things up and making things better. So, even without having seen this house myself, I can pretty much guarantee that it’s been taken care of incredibly well. 

They are generously donating a one week stay, to be claimed anytime in the next year (except the week of July 4th).

So, plan your family vacation to beautiful lake Chelan and feel good knowing that the whole cost of your place to stay is going towards helping Sage get around town and out of town too! 

(click through the pictures below to see this wonderful home away from home)

Valued at $4,000 a week
Minimum bid $2,000

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