Let someone else cook dinner


Rachel is another friend I’ve known since High School. She is one of the sweetest and strongest women I’ve ever had the pleasure of calling my friend. A little over a year ago, Rachel started her own meal delivery service for Phoenix and North Scottsdale and it has been so fun to watch this idea grow and develop. 

I don’t know about you, but there are a few tasks that I really hate - cleaning the floors, folding the laundry, and making dinner are definitely top of the list. So, when someone shows up at my door with a meal that’s all ready to go, that doesn’t require anything of me, well, that’s one of my all time favorite things. 

I’ve never tried a typical meal service for two reasons, 1) they seem a bit expensive and 2) they all require you to actually cook the meal. Don’t get me wrong having the ingredients all prepped and ready is great, but I don’t particularly like cooking. It always feels like an interruption to more important things I could be doing. 


Rachel’s Table is different. Rachel’s meals come all ready to go. You don’t have to do the cooking. Hallelujah, am I right?!?

For any of you, like me, who would rather be doing anything other than cooking dinner, this is a game changer. You can sit down with your family and enjoy a beautiful home-cooked family meal, without having to do any of the work or cooking! Add to this that Rachel is an exceptional cook, who uses fresh seasonal ingredients, and makes unique and creative meal options that you and your family will love, and this is just a no-brainer — you should definitely bid on this. 

Rachel’s donating 2 meals available to claim sometime in August and/or September.

There’s no minimum starting bid on this one, everyone, so jump on in!

Valued at $32-$40 per meal
No minimum bid
North Phoenix/Scottsdale locals only

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