Punch up your copy writing

Ok, I don’t have a fun personal story or recommendation about this one, because this one is mine. I’m donating 5 hours of writing services to the auction and I’m keeping it pretty open ended.

If I haven’t worked with you before, then the first 30 minutes will be just getting to know you’re writing needs and/or learning about the voice/style of you or your company. We’ll talk through where I can be most helpful and what content you need most right now.

The other four and a half hours will be used to write whatever you need most. It could be website copy, social media posts, blogs, email newsletters, whitepapers, proposals, even a book (although 4.5 hours won’t be enough to get very far on a book).

Alternatively, the hours can be used for editing and improving things you’ve already written. I’m not a grammar editor, but I am good at editing for flow, readability, and emotional strength. This could potentially include a writing audit of your site, where I’ll go through your website and note any areas where the copy could be improved and how to improve it.

So, if you have any writing needs at all (and who doesn’t in this content-driven age?), then let me help you as you help us.

Valued at $250
No minimum bid

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