Hi, I'm Beth



Tuesdays @10:00am

This class is different almost every week. Join me for a fun and spirit-filled exploration of our bodies and hearts.

  • Inside Genesis Church on the SE corner of 32nd Street and Thunderbird.

Cost: $10 suggested donation (But please never let cost keep you from coming! Pay whatever you can)


Personalized Classes (available upon request)

Contact me for more information. I love teaching classes for events, parties, or special occasions.

Cost: $60-$100 per hour (But please never let cost keep you from contacting me - I'm very happy to work with you to figure out a budget that works)

I love creating a safe and welcoming space for people to connect with their body and heart. My yoga classes combine a variety of styles and techniques to help you become stronger, more flexible, and more aware. 

No matter what your experience level is there's a place for you in my classes. All are welcomed and supported.

I want to facilitate an environment that leads to personal and self-directed movement. More than anything I want you to own YOUR time on YOUR mat. I try to give lots of options and students regularly chose modifications or variations on poses, or chose to just do their own thing entirely. I LOVE when a student drops into child's pose or savasana right in the middle of class - it usually means they are listening to their body and they aren't too self conscious to give their body what it needs. 

I desire for my classes to be a place for people to meet with God. A safe and protected space where you can bring your whole being - body, mind, heart, and soul - before the presence of Divine Love. I hope each person who enters my class is held and surrounded by grace and peace. 



LiFe of the Beloved

July 9th - Becoming the Beloved

July 16th - Chosen

July 23rd - Blessed

July 30th - Broken

August 6th - Given

August 13th - Living as the beloved


Specialty Classes


I designed this class as a way to break through areas of tension, stress, anger, and grief in the body and in the heart. The first time I did this class it was sort of by accident. I had intended to teach a typical Yoga Nidra class, but my body needed something different, following that cue led to a very different sort of Nidra than I had ever experienced before. After class I had a student dub the time as "Rage Nidra" and it stuck. This sort of class quickly became one of my favorite things to teach and I periodically teach a version of this class during my Tuesday morning class.  

The class starts out with a lot of very active movements, working in and out of poses in such a way as to shake off grief and burn off anger. We integrate sounds (yelling, sighing, groaning), active drills, and intentional kriyas to stir up and break loose intense feelings, especially those of anger and grief. After working up a sweat and breaking past the barriers in the body we then end the class with a long Yoga Nidra (yogic sleep), focusing on relaxing and releasing the whole body, heart, and mind.

I try to teach a few of these powerful Rage Nidra classes each year.

  • Location and time TBA

Cost: $10 suggested donation (But please never let cost keep you from coming! Pay whatever you can)



I feel in love with Metta (or loving-kindness) meditation during my first yoga teacher training. We had an exceptional session on mindfulness and as part of that experience we were led through a variety of different forms of meditation. Since then one of my favorite things to teach has been Metta meditation, I love how accessible it can be even for people who've never meditated and even for those who may be a little leery of meditation in general. For many Christians it can feel very akin to liturgical or form prayers. 

I recently started integrating Metta meditation into a gentle flow class and it has been one of the most beautiful experiences for my students and for me. 

Throughout the class we hold these words as a prayer, for ourselves and for others:

"May you be well, healthy, and whole,
May you be safe from inner and outer harm,
May you be free from fear,
May you live at peace with yourself and with others."

We often end the class in savasana praying these words more generally over a larger group, sometimes the people in the class with us, sometimes our family, sometimes our city, or the world at large. 

I try to teach a few of these beautiful Metta Flow classes each year sometimes during my Tuesday morning class and sometimes as a specialty class at other times.

  • Location and time TBA

Cost: $10 suggested donation (But please never let cost keep you from coming! Pay whatever you can)

Beth's Credentials: 

  • 270 hour yoga teacher training certification through Prague Yoga

  • 90 hour teacher training certification through Holy Yoga

  • More than 8+ years teaching off and on for a variety of groups and in a variety of settings