Beth Stedman

I write words,
help other people write words,
and help writers create a home for their words.

This is my first full manuscript — printed and held in my hands! It was an incredible feeling to hold the weight of my own words.

My Words

I’ve loved books for as long as I can remember, but didn’t seriously start thinking about writing books myself until I was well into adulthood.

The first book I ever finished was a Middle Age’s story that is currently sitting unedited and semi-forgotten in a file on my computer.

My second book was a little e-book I very unimaginatively called On Creativity. It’s a collection of essays, poems, and scenes from my life centered around the theme of creativity.

I’m currently working on finishing my first YA Fantasy series and plan to start querying with agents in the next few months.

Apparently my face get’s extra serious while I edit.

Words for Others

Over the past five years I’ve slowly started taking on writing clients and I’ve been grateful to get to do a little bit of everything — web copy, blogs & articles, email campaigns, social media campaigns, advertisements, grant proposals, business white papers, book proposals, ghostwriting, and more!

I’m not the best line editor or even the best writer around, but I’m fast. I can get a lot of words on a page in a short period of time. I’m good at developmental and structural edits and helping people organize their thoughts.

I really love helping people hone in on their message, get their point across, and create content that fits with who they are and what they want.

Your words need a home online. I can help.

A home for Your Words

So, I’ve been known to occasionally internet stock authors and I’m often a little disappointed in author’s websites. That’s when I realized I could combine two things I love: squarespace webdesign & helping writers.

I help writers create a beautiful, thoughtful space for their words to live online. I know how hard it can be to narrow down your focus, define your audience, and create an online home that feels like YOU.

Because I have trouble maintaining focus over long periods of time (hello enneagram 4!), all of my website projects run in 2-week sprints. I take you from concept to launch in 2 weeks (or as close to two weeks as possible) and I only take on one web design project at a time — so I can give my full attention to launching your site!




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ON CREATIVITY by Beth Stedman

"This evening, as I walked down the hall, I caught a glimpse of pink through the front window. It was a small fragment of beauty — the shifting light of sunset painting the sky for a moment the most tender and perfect shade of coral. It made me want to call off the bedtime preparations just to gaze at it. 

I could see part of the tree in our front yard, silhouetted against the sky, with a few leaves still clinging to the branches. I wanted to cling to the beauty of it. I wanted to run for my camera and capture it, throw open the door and see all of it. But the moment was fleeting, the light shifted quickly, and my camera would not have done it justice."

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