Things I’m Loving Lately

Actually maybe I should title this post “Things I’m sort of addicted to lately…” cause this is stuff that I’ve recently discovered, but literally can’t get enough of right now! I hope it’s stuff you’ll enjoy too!


I recently discovered yogamazing video podcasts on itunes and I LOVE them. Most of them are about 20 minutes long (which is about as long as I can do with Thad right now – so it’s perfect) and a lot of them are free on itunes. You can also get the most recent one free on the web site and for a small fee you can download all the old ones.

I really love these videos! They have a great flow to them and he moves you from one pose to the next in an effortless and relaxed manner. The sequencing is at times truly creative and even inspired. In my opinion, the pace is perfect – not too fast, not too slow. Most of all though I love that he gives good instructions on posture and really emphasizes listening to your own body and just going where you are comfortable at that moment. So many yoga dvd’s and podcasts don’t really take into consideration what I consider to be one of the most basic tenants of yoga, “Listen to your Body”, and that really frustrates me, but Chaz at yogamazing is different, he really understands this tenant and will even put it into practice himself during a video. I love it!


Ok, I’m totally addicted to this right now. I just got my account set up and I can’t stop “pinning”. Basically this is a way to bookmark (or pin) pictures of things and organize them in “boards”. Essentially it’s a super easy way to create moodboards and inspiration boards online. It's also a great way to find new inspiration and ideas through the community. I’ve been using it mostly to organize ideas I have for the retreat center/farm we are considering moving to soon. I’ve also used it to keep track of craft and sewing projects I want to do, ideas for Christmas decorations, and recipes I want to try. Pinterest is a super fun resource, especially for artists or those working on design related projects. I have an invite or two left so if you want one let me know in the comments and if no one else has claimed it first I'll send one your way.


Can I just say that I LOVE pie? I don’t know why I didn’t realize this earlier, but pie is AMAZING! So, much better than cake for sure, and lately I’m even liking it more than cookies or other baked goods. My favorites lately have been pumpkin pie made with REAL pumpkin (it’s nearly impossible to find canned pumpkin puree here and I’m glad because it forced me to start using real pumpkin and it’s SO much better) and Coconut custard pie (lots of coconut, eggs, milk, and a bit of unrefined sugar make for a YUMMY treat - I think I'll have to post the recipe soon...). I’m quite certain I’ve been making way too much pie, but it’s just been the perfect comfort food lately.

Bohemiae Rosa

I wrote last week about this wonderful farm and I just have to say again I’m still LOVING it! We got a half a chicken from them this week and it was SO delicious! Plus it was about as big as the whole chickens we get from the grocery store! After seeing how good the chicken was I’m seriously tempted to order a turkey from them, even though we probably won’t be hosting Thanksgiving and will go to someone else’s house. Hum, you think Bryan and I could finish a 26 pound turkey by ourselves before it goes bad? Maybe we’ll need help…anyone want to come over for turkey?? Rejoicing in the journey - Bethany Stedman