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I love creating a safe and welcoming space for people to connect with their body and heart. My yoga classes combine different styles and techniques to help you become stronger, more flexible, and more aware. 

No matter what your experience level is there's a place for you in my classes. All are welcomed and supported.

Tuesdays @10:00am

This class is different almost every week. Join me for a fun and spirit-filled exploration of our bodies and hearts.

  • Inside Genesis Church on the SE corner of 32nd Street and Thunderbird. 

Cost: $10 suggested donation (But please never let cost keep you from coming! Pay whatever you can.)



This little newsletter will only be sent out when there's something new I want you to know about. For example, when a new book gets released or if I start teaching a new yoga class or if I'm speaking at an event. You won't get weekly emails, or even regular updates, just the occasional big news things.  



Cancer is hard and over the past five years that my husband has been battling that dragon we have found we need the support of people around holding us up. If you're interested in being a part of the incredible group of people who pray for us and care for us as we walk this uncertain road we would be so grateful and honored. You can get updates and learn how you can help and pray by signing up below. We send out prayer requests and updates as needs arise so sometimes you might get regular emails from us and other times you might not hear from us at all (silence is usually a good thing!). 




ON CREATIVITY by Beth Stedman

"This evening as I walked down the hall I caught a glimpse of pink through the front window. It was a small fragment of beauty, the shifting light of sunset painting the sky for a moment the most tender and perfect shade of coral. It made me want to call off the bedtime preparations just to gaze at it. 

I could see part of the tree in our front yard, silhouetted against the sky, with a few leaves still clinging to the branches. I wanted to cling to the beauty of it. I wanted to run for my camera and capture it, throw open the door and see all of it. But the moment was fleeting, the light shifted quickly, and my camera would not have done it justice."

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