I love crafting unique classes that center around a theme of teaching or growth.

I recently had the pleasure of teaching a class to a men's group who had been working through the Psalms. I lead them through a passage of Psalms while moving through a series of yoga poses. It was a powerful experience of entering into praise and worship with our whole beings. This is a perfect way to take something you've been learning or talking about in a small group and explore it through movement. 

A few weeks later I had the joy of teaching a yoga class for a 35th birthday party. We talked about owning our power and our worth and living into the fullness of who God made us to be. It was a beautiful class, full of strength and joy. The perfect way to kick off another cycle around the sun. 

These are just two examples of the type of personalized specialty classes I'm available to teach. 

Contact me today to talk about how we can work together to shape a yoga class that will fit your exact needs.


My thirty odd years of life so far have given me a lot of stories. From living overseas in the Czech Republic, to standing along side my husband as he fights cancer and I watch a future I thought was secure shake and crumble, to learning the ins and outs of special needs parenting, I have a number of topics and experiences I am honored to be able to share. 

There are many shadowy valleys I am still walking through, and still growing through, but I don't believe in waiting for the victory before sharing our stories. I want to lift my voice even in the middle of the hard and hopefully bring some small praise in the midst of my lament, and some small comfort to others in the midst of theirs. 

I'd love to share with you and your group how God is shaping my heart and how he has remained faithful even in the crushing moments when I can't see his faithfulness. 

Contact me to find out about availability.


I don't consider myself an expert in, well, anything! But I've come to recognize that I really like helping people shape their ideas, clarify their words, and share their story. 

I get really excited about encouraging and supporting dreamers and creatives. I love taking ideas and making them accessible, creating value for an audience, and shaping a strategy for birthing abstract ideas into concrete realities.

I've been grateful to be able to do little hints of this with a handful of people through social media consulting and copy writing, as well as through editing manuscripts, articles, and business papers.

If you are overwhelmed when it comes to writing content for your small business, or shaping value rich posts on social media, I'd love to help. If you want a second set of eyes to look at your most recent work of writing and make sure what you're trying to communicate comes across, I'd love to walk through that with you.

Contact me to find out more about what I can offer you as a small business, or an author, or just anyone who has to write and present themselves regularly. I'd love to help. 


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