Peace on Earth??

I have been reading the Johannine synchroblog this advent. There have been some very interesting and challenging posts but one that I had missed last Sunday and discovered today really stood out. I think it is definitely worth reading and sharing here:

Blessed are the Shalom Makers

In light of the article I have a question, for both me and anyone else who feels lead to think about and answer it…

What are some specific ways that we can be shalom makers, peace bringers, in the world around us? How can I be a shalom maker in my world? How can you be a shalom maker in your world? It is clear in this world that there is often a lack of peace, a lack of justice, a lack of light. What can we do to change that?

A friend of mine wrote me an email yesterday and I thought I would pass it on to you as a possible way that you could participate in spreading peace and justice…

“While I lived in Honduras I had two wonderful professors who had chosen to live in the slums and fight for justice for the people there. Kurt and Joann helped started "Association for a More Just Society" (ASJ) because after 15 years of humanitarian work in Honduras they were convinced that what needed targeting were the BIG processes in place that kept people oppressed. A year ago one of ASJ lawyers received death threats and was then murdered in daylight by 3 hitmen as he was on his way to court to represent employees of a security company that had violated labor rights for years. ASJ is asking for as many people as possible to write to Honduran officials, US embassy in Honduras, and others to plead for justice to be done on behalf of Dionisio the lawyer.

I thought that as friends and as a way to celebrate Christmas together we could write to the following people as a way to work for justice.

Here you can write to your Senator

Here to write to Honduran officials in Honduras

For those that are cynical (like me) and need more information than most normal people do here is the website for ASJ to read more about what they do.”

If you feel like joining in with this call to protect the oppressed and call for justice it takes only a minute (I just did it, there is a sample letter in there all you have to do is add your name and push send).

Wishing you all a Christmas season filled with bringing peace and justice to a world that can be dark and oppressive –

Beth Stedman