Goodbye 2007...Hello 2008

2007 was a year of unstable living conditions – we were basically homeless for the first 6 months of the year.

2007 was a year of insecure customs – it was a year of culture shock and learning a new way of life and new language.

2007 was a year of travel – we moved to Prague and then got to travel to London, Paris, Vienna, Moravia, Slovakia, and Arizona and Seattle twice.

2007 was a year of unbalanced health – we struggled to figure out my chemical sensitivities and find ways to not only coop with them but ways to begin to overcome them.

2007 was a year of restored health – after much struggling and much prayer and the help of a good doctor I have begun to rebuild my health and feel better.

2007 was a year of uncertain relationships – because of the move we found ourselves separated from friends and family and having to make new friends together on our own.

2007 was a year of developing new friendships – I have meet people this year that I feel are “kindred spirits” and Bryan and I, together have begun to develop friendships with people who I think have potential to be lifelong friends and even “life partners” (to quote Bryan’s comment about one couple we have gotten to know better this year).

2007 was a year of developing new ways to relate to God – after a long while of feeling like my walk with God has been stagnant I feel like things have come alive again this year and I have learned new ways to relate to God and rediscovered old ways to commune with Him.

2007 was a year of accomplishing life goals – we moved to Europe (something both my husband and I have always wanted to do), we bought a second home and were able to hold onto and rent our first home, we bought a leather couch (silly – but still a fun little goal accomplished), we traveled a decent amount, we became part of a church plant (something I’ve always wanted be a part of).

2007 was a year of learning to trust God and wait on him more – there was a lot of waiting this year, a lot of uncertainty, a lot of experiences that needed patience and trust.

2007 was a year of deepening marital connection – Bryan and I had our ups and downs this year, we had our moments of deep intimacy and our fights and questions, but I think we have come out on the other side of both (not to imply that we won’t go through both many more times again throughout the rest of our life) with a deeper commitment to our relationship and more multi-layered knowledge and love of each other.

2007 was a year of renewed creativity for me – I got a wonderful new camera (thanks to my thoughtful in-laws) and have had a blast learning how to use it and taking pictures. I have also been writing much more lately and enjoying the creative outlet that gives me as well.

2007 was a year of restored vision, renewed passion, and fresh hope – I feel like we have taken steps this year to become the people we want to be and that those steps have brought us closer to the being who we want to be and I’m excited and hopeful about the future Bryan and I are going to share together.

I’m excited and curious about what 2008 will hold for us… ..hum, any guesses on what 2008 will be a year of…??

Rejoicing in the journey -
Beth Stedman

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