Roundup From Around The Web: Random

Roundup From Around the Web

Today’s Roundup is pretty random. Just things that I came across during my blog hopping today that I thought were worth sharing. -- there’s an interesting discussion about ministry going on at grace’s blog – she’s written three posts about it so far each interesting in their own right. The first simply asks the question what is ministry, the second dives a little deeper into answering that question and the third deals with the question of how we live out ministry in our lives and whether or not it is possible to minister bi-vocationally or if full time ministry is better. Interesting comments to read if you have a chance. I really like the summery definition Grace gives of ministry in the second blog (Digging Deeper) and I like the discussion on the third a lot too – I have come to believe very strongly that people can “minister” where ever they are and that this dichotomy between “ministry” and “regular life” shouldn’t exist – all of life is sacred, all of life should be lived in ministry and love to others to the glory of God. I strongly believe that my husband and I even though we are not in full time ministry and do work full time jobs are ministers and do participate in joining God in his redemptive work of love. But, I do have to admit that especially since moving here to Prague (where we have met a lot of people who are in full time ministry instead of perusing full time careers) I often find that I am jealous of the clarity and focus with which they can operate due to not having the normal stresses of traditional work. – Julie Clawson writes some thoughts on the new season of Lost. For those of your who don’t know the show Lost is one of my few addictions and I am so happy to have it back and just hoping the writers’ strike will come to a happy end soon so that we can have lots more  lost episodes! J -- interesting post on Lent and the temptation of Jesus in the wilderness. - Tara shares some thoughts on the Chinese New Year, Blessed, and Lent.

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