Roundup From Around The Web: The Quick Version

So, I finally watched the last two episodes of Lost last night! CRAZY! I’ve been watching the show since day one and I can honestly say I love this show!! Anyway, on from randomness to more randomness…

Julie Clawson has been writing about the life of the mind on her blog – basically presenting a defense of intellectualism. Very interesting stuff that I really felt I agreed with and could relate to.

Phyllis Tickle wrote a blog talking about showing love and hospitality to “strangers” – very challenging thoughts that I felt fit well with Tara’s thoughts on the “invisible”

This was a great blog about Deep Rest.

Ever wondered which US city is the most “sinful”? This study looked at all seven deadly sins and ranked each US city in them. There’s an interactive map to play around with too. I thought it was sort of interesting. I found it from a blog where the author was talking about how the church should interact with the specific needs and problems of the particular city/community it finds itself in.

Well, I think that’s actually it for today.

Rejoicing in the journey – Beth Stedman