And we'll all float on ok...

Sometimes I’m not very good at listening to God’s stirring within me. But, I feel like I’m learning and hopefully getting a little better.

I want to share something today that feels like it should be personal and like maybe a blog isn’t the best place to share it, but to me it doesn’t feel personal. Maybe part of it is that I really feel peace about the situation (not something I usually feel) and feel the leading of God in it, so I feel open to sharing it here.

Today my husband and I “lost our jobs” - it seems sort of funny to write that because I didn’t really feel like we were fired. Things ended on very good terms with our boss. He wants us to stay on till the end of July and was very affirming and helpful. Basically, when we came to Prague we all said we would see how the telecommuting thing and the time difference worked out and after a year of trying it he felt like the time difference really slowed things down and like not having us in the office was a disadvantage. Combine that with a US economy which is in recession and companies aren’t hiring as much (so don’t need recruiters as much) and you have our current situation.

For the last few months I feel like God has really been preparing us for this change.

Off and on since last fall I have really felt the desire to look for something else. I have felt like my current job doesn’t play to any of my strengths and doesn’t challenge me and I have longed to do something that would be a better all around fit. But, my job was comfortable – I got to work from home and set my own schedule, I got to work with my husband (I LOVE working with my husband) and I was scared to try and look for something new. But, really I didn’t totally like my job, it was just something to pay the bills and it was the best option I had at the time. I really felt today like God was saying, “Here, Bethany, I know you need to be doing something else, but I also know that you’re scared so here’s the kick you need.”

Another thing that has happened over the past few months that I now see as God preparing us is that our work load has substantially subsided. Being that we were paid hourly this change in the work load was starting to really affect us and we were starting to talk about getting second jobs to supplement our income from our current company. So, we have over the last few weeks especially had our eyes and ears open to new opportunities and been thinking a lot also about side projects that could maybe make us some money as well. We definitely don’t have anything else lined up yet, but I feel like because we have already sent feelers out a little bit we are a little more prepared to jump into job searching.

I also feel like just today God was preparing me and speaking to me about this. I went to coffee with some friends today and I was telling them that I had to leave at a certain time because I had this video conference with my boss and they asked a few quick questions about it and we had a short little conversation about it. But, as I was telling them about work and this meeting I just kept feeling this anxiety rising in me and this nagging feeling like we were going to be fired. I pushed the feeling aside and we went on with our time together, but as I got on the tram going home I felt that feeling again - a sort of “stirring of warning”, you could call it. I again pushed it aside. But, when the news actually came I didn’t feel surprised or anxious. I felt calm. Even though I had fought against it I had known this was coming. Thank you, Lord, for your spirit stirring in me and preparing me for this!

So, that is what is going on in our lives. It’s more than a little scary, but I also feel like it is a really good and necessary change for us. I’m excited to see what God provides for us next! J

“Bad news comes don’t you worry even when it lands Good news will work its way to all them plans We both got fired on exactly the same day Well, we’ll float on good news is on the way And we’ll all float on ok And we’ll all float on ok And we’ll all float on ok Already we’ll all float on Now don’t you worry we’ll all float on Alright already we’ll all float on Already don’t worry we’ll all float on”

 – Modest Mouse, Float On


Rejoicing in the journey - Beth Stedman