Wednesday Reviews: Bryan Stedman

Ok, so today is Wednesday and according to the blog schedule I am currently trying out today is the day when I review something – a book, movie, CD, restaurant, etc. Basically it’s a day to write about something I’ve experienced and tell you if I liked it or didn’t like it.

As I thought about what to write about a few ideas came to mind… I could write about the band, Bell X1, that I was listening to this morning. I could write about the semi-Czech restaurant a block from our place that we have eaten at twice this week. I could write about my new favorite magazine, Yoga Journal, and what I like about it. I could write about the Woody Allen movie that Bryan and I watched the other night. But, I didn’t really feel like reviewing or writing about any of these today. There’s a good chance that I will write about these things eventually, but not this week. So, I was sitting having a late breakfast with Bryan chatting about work and the coming change in work status and it dawned on me what I wanted to write about: Bryan. That’s right, today I’m going to review my husband. I know sort of strange and maybe more appropriate for an Admiration Monday post but, hey, it’s my blog right so if I want to review my husband then I can J

So, let me tell you a little about Bryan Stedman…

For starters he’s the smartest man I know. I mean literally a genius. He’s scored at a genius/mensa level on pretty much all the intelligence tests he’s ever taken – literally! He has a way of looking at problems and solving them that has always impressed me. Seriously, he is brilliant at solving problems and looking at things analytically!

He loves to learn and is constantly teaching himself new things. In just the last year he’s TAUGHT HIMSELF a variety of cooking methods, how to use Linux, a basic knowledge of a few computer languages, a basic understanding of Czech, and a handful of other interesting things. I will often catch him listening to lectures online or watching how-to videos on a wide variety of subjects. He just loves to learn and expand his knowledge. He also has a wonderful memory and can recall a vast amount of information on a variety of topics.

Bryan also loves trying new things. He loves trying new foods (he recently decided that he wants to try cricket and has been researching how to prepare crickets and all that – I’m a little grossed out but kind of proud of him for it too). He also loves going new places and just generally having new experiences. He really desires to be a well rounded person who’s been a lot of places and tried a lot of things - the kind of person who is interesting to be around and has lots of interesting experiences and stories. I think there are a lot of people out there who would like to be that kind of person but not many of them actually follow through with that and continuously make decisions to stretch themselves and try new things. My husband does though, which leads me to the next quality I’d like to tell you about…

Bryan does what he says he’s going to do. He follows through. He doesn’t just talk about the kind of person that he wants to be, he actually takes steps towards becoming that person. If he says he’s going to be some place or do something he does it. He’s extremely trustworthy.  

Bryan is also incredibly loyal to his friends and the people he cares about. When he likes someone he really gets excited about them. He loves seeing and helping his friends succeed, even when it doesn’t benefit him. When a friend of his has a need that Bryan can meet he’ll be the first in line to meet it, or sometimes when a friend just has a desire/want that Bryan can help make happen he’ll be the first to jump at the opportunity. If you tell Bryan about a need or desire you have you are likely to end up finding it on your doorstep in the near future. He’s just that kind of guy. He loves taking care of people and loves helping out his friends. He’s incredibly loyal and caring towards his friends and family and those people that he admires.

I could say a lot more about my husband but I think that’s a good start as a general review of the wonderful man I am blessed to be married to. Maybe I’m biased but, Bryan get’s 5 stars in my review book! If you don’t know him, get to know him. If you know him a little bit, get to know him better. If you know him well, count yourself blessed.

Oh, and did I mention that Thursday’s his last day of work? So… (warning shameless plug ahead) if you have any problems that you need solved or jobs that you need a brilliant analytical problem solver for look him up J You won’t regret it! J

Rejoicing in the journey – Beth Stedman

Photograph by Beth Stedman