Admiration Mondays: Sarah Springer

Today my friend, Sarah Springer, left for a month in the states. I am so excited for her and for this opportunity that she has to go back home and be with friends and family, but I am sad to see her go. She will be VERY missed.

Let me tell you a little about Sarah Springer…

Sarah Springer is a beautiful woman and a beautiful friend. She has this joyful fun quality about her that is contagious. She has a beautiful smile that really does light up a room. She laughs easily and easily shares in other people’s excitement and joy. She is VERY creative (even if she doesn’t always think so) and she is full of life. She has a way of creating life all around her.

I think one of the things I love most about Sarah though, is that she is one of those people who makes people feel more than comfortable around her – she makes people feel safe. She has a natural relaxedness about her and that makes others relax around her. She is open and honest about her own life and struggles and that makes others want to be open and honest with her as well. She is immensely trustworthy and you know that if you tell her something she will be gracious with it. She won’t judge you, she won’t tease you, she won’t try and fix it, and she won’t share it with other people if you don’t want her to. Instead she’ll validate you and free you up to express yourself openly.

Sarah is an incredible listener. She doesn’t just stop talking to let others talk, she really listens. You can tell that she really likes it when people share and really enjoys hearing their stories. She asks really good questions to help draw people out and then she listens intently. People feel heard by Sarah. I think that the ability to make someone else feel really heard and understood is a real gift and skill that not many people have, but Sarah has it. And it’s amazing. Sometimes I like to just sit back and watch her draw people out - it’s a beautiful thing to see.

Another thing I love about Sarah is her depth of insight and intuition. She has a way of listening and seeing things that cuts through the facades and junk and really sees the heart of the issue. She sees truth and isn’t afraid to speak the truth in love when needed. She is incredibly gentle and gracious with the people around her and she is also incredibly insightful and intuitive as to what is really going on with them. She has this connection with the Spirit of God and this intuition and ability to understand a person that continually amazes me.

All of these things also make Sarah a really beautiful mom. I have also had the privilege of getting to watch Sarah become a mom and it has been extraordinary. Sarah has approached motherhood intentionally and I love watching it. She really allows herself to go to the deep places of herself and ask the important and sometimes difficult questions. She’s not willing to just mindlessly push her junk on to her child and she wants to intentionally learn to be a good mom to this particular little boy that God has given her. She has done her research about what’s best for babies in general and then she listens to her instincts and to her son and intentionally tries to make decisions based on what would be best for them at that moment. She clearly loves her son deeply and she shows that love every time I’m around her. It’s a beautiful thing to see.

I love my friend, Sarah Springer. She is a truly unique and beautiful woman. I have never met anyone else like her and I will really miss her over these next few weeks.

Sarah, may God bless you immeasurably – especially over these next few weeks! May this trip be for you a refreshing time of joy! May you be aware of your deep center, Christ, even amidst the uncertainty of the month ahead. May you experience deep connection with all those whom you love and care for. May God bless you now and always, my friend!

You are loved and you will be dearly missed!


Rejoicing in the journey - Bethany Stedman

Photograph by Beth Stedman