"Things You May Not Know About Me"

So, about a month ago I was hoping around the blogosphere and I came across this blog. At the time she had a blog up entitled “Things You May Not Know About Me”. I liked the idea so I decided to borrow it for my blog, but didn’t get around to filling it out until today. So, here’s a few things you may not know about me. 10 Years Ago I Was… • 16 years old • I was learning to drive and fighting with my mom a lot over the issue • About to enter my sophomore year of high school at Scottsdale Christian Academy • My name wasn’t Bethany Stedman it was Bethany Nelson • I was living in Scottsdale Arizona • That summer I was choreographing a children’s musical called The Wave which was the first musical that my aunt wrote and the first time I choreographed a show using all my own choreography

5 Things To Do Today (some of these are things I’ve already done today) • Lead some friends through a yoga exercise • Get caught up on reading some blogs (I’m really behind right now) • Meditate and read for a while • Do some research for a project I’m working on • Go to the movies with some friends (we are going to see Mama Mia) Snacks I Enjoy (I don’t snack much but when I do I enjoy…) • Chocolate!!! • Fruit (usually berries, oranges, or pears) • Homemade cookies (made with spelt flour) • Potato chips (especially the ones they have here in Prague – so thin and yummy) • Carrots

Things I Would Do If I Were A Millionaire • Buy myself some more photography equipment and spend more time taking pictures (I would especially love to buy a few L-series lenses… oh, to dream)  • Have kids and then adopt kids • Travel more, especially with friends • Get certified in yoga, as a way to improve my practice and also so that I can better teach others • Start a company that would help support missionaries in sustainable ways (or a company that would help developing or impoverished areas economically and socially or basically in some way work to sustainably help people in ways that don’t just give them money but that help them to create livelihoods) • Spend more time writing – maybe write a book • Pay off both our mortgages • Build our own home

Places I Have Lived • Irvine, California • San Clemente, California • New York, New York (only for 6 months) • Princeton, NJ (well, just out side of it) • Mesa, Arizona • Scottsdale, Arizona • Costa Mesa, California • Peoria, Arizona (just for a few months) • Seattle, Washington • Kirkland, Washington • Prague, Czech Republic

Countries I Have Visited • Canada • Mexico • England • Scotland • Ireland • Italy • Czech Republic • France • Germany • Austria • Slovakia • Monaco

So, that was just a little fun thing for today. Hope you enjoyed!

Rejoicing in the journey - Beth Stedman