Scheduling Ourselves

So, Bryan and I decided that for the next week we are going to give ourselves a schedule and try to stick to it pretty strictly. We have spent nearly the last 2 years working from home and although I have longed for more structure and routine in my life we have never been able to keep to a schedule. Now that we aren’t working at the moment and really don’t have any outside structure put on us at all I felt like it would be even more important to try to give ourselves some order. So, over the weekend we sat down and made a list of daily activities and tried to organize them into a schedule.

Here are the things we want to try and do every day:

-          Spend at least 30 minutes studying Czech

-          Eat all our meals together (when possible)

-          Spend an hour doing some form of exercise (yoga for me, whatever else for Bryan)

-          Read for 1 hour a day

-          Spend 30 minutes to an hour having coffee klatch time together (for us this means reading the Bible together and talking about the passage or more generally talking about our day and our relationship)

-          Spend 1 hour in creative pursuits (for Bryan right now this means spending 1 hour playing guitar and for me this means spending 1 hour writing or taking pictures)

-          Spend 4 and a half hours each “working” (neither of us has an actual job right now but we do each have smaller projects we are working on to make money or things we are doing to get jobs and this is time that we will spend working on those endeavors)

I’m excited about this new schedule. I think it will provide the discipline I need to actually get things done and pursue things that I want to pursue, but that it will also have a lot of enjoyable fulfilling time in it. We are still working out the kinks and figuring out the best order for things but I’m just excited to have some more structure and rhythm to my live. I think having more of a set rhythm and order to my day will really help, especially during this season of our lives when everything seems to be uncertain and up in the air.

Anyway, I thought I’d share where we are at this week and some of the things we are going to be holding ourselves to in this new season, however long it ends up lasting.

Rejoicing in the journey - Beth Stedman