Fall and "Magic Beans"

Today Bryan and I took a walk to the book store. The leaves crunched under our feet. I pulled my scarf a little tighter to keep out the slight chill. We walked arm in arm. Today really felt like fall. I love the fall. It makes me happy.

On another note, here’s a little scene from the show Friends that’s been running through my head a lot lately:

Rachel: They want to know if I’m ok, ok, let’s see. Well, the FICA guys took all my money, everyone I know is either getting married, or getting pregnant or getting promoted and I’m getting coffee and it’s not even for me! So, if that sounds like I’m ok, then you can tell them that I’m ok, ok!

Monica: …hum, Rachel, has left the building, can you call back?

Monica: You should feel great about yourself you’re doing this amazing independent thing

Rachel: Monica, what is so amazing? I gave up, like, everything. And for what?

Phoebe: You’re just like Jack?

Rachel: Jack from down stairs?

Phoebe: No, Jack and the bean stalk.

Monica: Ah, the other Jack.

Phoebe: Yeah right, see he gave up something, but then he got those magic beans and then he woke up and there was this, this big plant outside his window full with possibilities and stuff, and he lived in a village and you live in The Village.

Rachel: Ok, Phoebes, Phoebes, Jack, gave up a cow, I gave up an orthodontist, I know I didn’t love him…

Phoebe: See, Jack did love the cow.

Rachel: But see it was a plan, it was clear, everything was figured out and now everything’s just kind of like…

Phoebe: Floopy.

Rachel: Yeah.

Monica: Well, you’re not the only one, I mean half the time we don’t know where we’re going. You just got to figure that at some point it’s all gonna come together and it’s just gonna be un-floopy.

Phoebe: Yeah, like that’s a word.

Rachel: Ok, but, Monica, what if it doesn’t come together.

Monica: …Phoebes?

Phoebe: Well, cause you just… I don’t like this question.

Rachel: Ok, see you guys, what if we don’t get magic beans? What if all we got are beans?

Rachel: I’m so sorry you guys, I didn’t mean to bring you down.

Monica: No, you were right… I don’t have a plan! Phoebe, do you have a plan?

Phoebe: I don’t even have a pla?

I keep thinking of that scene lately. I think it’s one of my favorite episodes in general, but lately I have really felt like I don’t even have a “pla”. I know that I don’t have to have everything figured out, but sometimes it would be nice to have a plan. This episode ends with the girls having lots of good conversations out on the balcony and then the whole gang playing twister. When Rachel’s credit card company calls again at the end she tells the guy on the other end, “I have magic beans!” And I always thought that was so powerful in a strange way – I mean she still didn’t have a plan, none of them did, they still didn’t have life figured out or necessarily know what they were going to do with their lives, but they had each other and after talking and sharing life together they figured they didn’t need a plan, they could make it, they had “magic beans” in that they had each other. I like that.

Today I’m grateful for the beauty of fall and the joy of good friends – I don’t need a plan, just some friends to walk through the floopiness with me.

Rejoicing in the journey - Bethany