Photo Friday: Dinner Table


Ok, so Amber at Home School Diva challenged people today to put up their favorite picture from the week and then leave her a comment so that we can all see the pictures people put up. So, here’s my picture for Amber’s Photo Friday:



I took this on Tuesday right before the table filled with two communities who didn’t know each other but who shared a common bond coming together and laughing, sharing stories and even a little bit of preaching together. You see the week before a few of my friends had gone to see the Harlem Gospel Choir perform and afterwards they had gone up and met them during the autograph signing time. Later that night they ran into them out on the town and ended up talking and sharing God stories with this wonderfully talented choir for hours. So, on Tuesday my friend Carrie had the choir and a bunch of friends over for dinner. It was an evening I will not quickly forget.

I hope you all have spontaneous dinners with people who you share a common bond with. I hope you all have tables filled with laughter and shared stories and even on occasion a little good old fashioned preaching J

Rejoicing in the journey - Bethany