A Close to Perfect Winter Day (for me)

I’m realizing that I am really a total homebody. Today was pretty close to an ideal winter day for me.

-          I slept in a bit and then I just laid in bed and prayed and talked with God for a little while.

-          I made pancakes and had a really nice breakfast with my husband, just talking and eating together.

-          I got caught up on email, face book and blogs.

-          I did some cooking and made homemade granola and also a big pot of mixed bean soup.

-          I cleaned the kitchen (something I don’t generally enjoy, but today found to be a nice rhythmic activity that lent itself well to thought).

-          I was feeling inspired and worked on the book I’m writing (it’s not much, but it’s a fun project for me).

-          I curled up with my favorite blanket and a mug of hot water (or “communist tea” as my husband sometimes refers to it) and read for a while (Outliers was my book of choice today).

-          I worked on my practicum for the yoga teach training program I’m in (I have to teach an hour long class to a group of other teacher trainees this weekend) and studied a bit for my yoga midterm.

-           I had a nice dinner of soup with my husband and watched a movie.

-          I did some sewing and finished a purse I’ve been making while watching the Daily Show.

Yeah, it was a good day – pretty slow, filled with creativity, learning, reading and writing and I got a lot done.  Best of all today involved NO going out in the bitter cold. The only things that would have made this day better would be if I’d had a little more quality time with my husband, a really good conversation with a good friend, and maybe if I’d actually done yoga instead of just learning about it… but over all a really good day.

Now I have to try and force myself to go to sleep… I always find it hard to go to sleep when I know that tomorrow and the days following won’t be as good as today. Oh, well…

Thank you, Lord, for this day – for one more day to hibernate and do things that feed my soul. Go forward with me into tomorrow and the days that follow and the new challenges that lay ahead of me. Give me strength and encouragement to put the needs of others above my own, but give me also moments and days like today – moments of rest and creativity, moments to hid myself away and get recharged.

Rejoicing in the journey - Bethany