Welcome to the World Izaak Stewart!

Some dear friends of ours here in Prague had a baby last Thursday. Welcome to the world Izaak Hillman Roar Stewart.

This is a liturgy I wrote as a gift for baby Izaak. Please join me in praying it for this precious new life today.

*God of our Fathers, eternal 'I AM', Almighty maker of heaven and earth, You are our Rock, our strength and our provider. *Lord, God, father this child. *Protect him, guard him, keep him. Be for him a refuge of strength and security. In your great power circle him and deliver him from all evil.

*Holy Spirit, Barer of Life, Breath of the Almighty God, You are our counselor, guide, and teacher of the way of truth. *Lord, Holy Spirit, mother this child. *Support Him, guide him, nurture him. Be for him a refuge of tenderness and love. In your abounding grace circle him and seal him.

*Jesus, Son of God, Son of Man, Image of the invisible God, firstborn from among the dead, You are our hope and salvation, our life and our very being. *Lord, Jesus, brother this child. *Defend him, teach him, forgive him. Be for him a refuge of grace and truth. In your unending love circle him and bring him safely into your kingdom.

*We call upon the sacred three to save, shield and surround this precious child In the name of the King of Life; In the name of the Christ of Love; In the name of the Holy Spirit; Sacred Three in One, The triune of our strength. Amen.

All say together the words in bold. * indicates a change of reader.

Rejoicing in the journey - Bethany Stedman