Keane Malachi Bergmen

A while ago I wrote briefly about some friends of mine, CJ and Renee Bergmen, and the grief they experienced in losing their son Titus just a few days before their due date. Since that time they have been walking a difficult but beautiful journey with Jesus. They have shared some of that journey on their blog and it has been a blessing and inspiration to many. I for one have both laughed and downright wept at much of what they have shared. Today I got choked up and teary again reading their post, but this time there was deep joy for my friends. This Monday they will be adopting a baby boy. There are still obstacles to this adoption, such as the fact that they need about 15k within a few days, but they are graciously stepping out in faith and trusting God. I encourage you to look through all of their blog and to pray for them this week as they enter this new chapter. Here is what shared today about the adoption:

As I sit to write this I cannot but help being reminded of the last time I had to write this kind of email, and the deep gratitude it gives me to be able to send an email to everyone we know, that is so full of joy! I am amazed at the gravity and polarization that comes from the weight of both deep sorrow and tragedy, and great joy and redemption. I cannot help but pause, and silently kneel to the ground, put my face in the dirt, and offer praise to my Holy and Sovereign God. He counts my steps, He directs my path, and He leads me according to His purpose.

We just got the call, Renee’ and I are adopting our son Keane Malachi Bergmen no later than this Monday, July 27th. He is being delivered by C-section, which will serve as the ultimate antithesis of the sorrow and pain of losing Titus in a C-section delivery room. A room that was full of silence, will be filled with crying. He will cry because it is cold and he is hungry and has just been pulled from his environment, where he felt safe and secure, we will weep for joy because we are cold and hungry and are being pulled from our environment where we have felt unsafe, and insecure. God will remind us that He is our only hope and our salvation, and we will point every ounce of it to the glory of His great name. I cannot wait to lift Keane in the same way I did Titus and offer him back to the Lord, to serve Him all the days of his life.”

If you are interested in helping support them financially in this adoption you can do so by sending a check or via paypal. The information is here

Rejoicing in the journey - Bethany