Grocery Shopping Fun

We’ve been having a lot of fun grocery shopping since arriving in Seattle to visit my in-laws. Yesterday we took quite the foodie tour around the area. We started at Trader Joe’s. I’ve always enjoyed Trader Joe’s but this time I couldn’t stop grinning the whole time we were there. I loved that I saw at least four other women with babies all of which were babywearing, as was I at the time. I loved the variety. I loved being able to read the labels and talk with people. We stopped and chatted with another customer about goat cheese for a little bit – we helped her find the cheddar goat cheese and she recommended a goat cheese with honey to us. She also had a baby in a carrier and just looked like the kind of person I’d be friends with. Our shopping time at Trader Joe’s was very successful and we left with a cartful of goods, including but not limited to Kefir, goat cheese, raw milk cheddar cheese, 100% grass feed ground beef, and red quinoa. After Trader Joe’s we went to Double DD Meats. This butcher was fun. It just had a fun, lively atmosphere that was really unique. It was busy and happening. There were funny little signs up that my husband and mother-in-law and I all got a kick out of reading. We went there cause we had heard they have grass feed meat, but we were disappointed to learn when we asked that although their meat is all grass fed it is also grain finished. I figured it was still better than the cow not having grass at all, although not as good as 100% grass fed, but I’m not really sure. Do any of you know?? Either way we happily bought a big steak to share, a pound of beef liver, and a whole rabbit.

After that we went to Manna Mills. This place made me especially happy because we found certified raw milk there. It’s the first raw milk I’ve ever bought or drank and let me tell you it was GOOD. My husband and I finished the whole half gallon in about just over two days. Yummy! We also bought some wonderful teas there. They had all kinds of flours and grains in bulk so we of course bought some coconut flour, which I’ve been dying to try. I plan on seeing if I can make a teething biscuit with it. Anyone have a good recipe for teething biscuits? My first attempt at teething biscuits was not all that successful. I want to make it without eggs or grains and I’m hoping that coconut flour will work as the grain substitute. We’ll see.

Today we went shopping again. This time just to Fred Meyer to get a few random things we’d forgotten about – like parsnip and carrots for the rabbit dish we’re going to make tomorrow and avocado’s for the baby. We were pleasantly surprised to learn, though, that Fred Meyer carries Kefir as well as a pretty decent health food section. We also had some fun getting a few baby things to stock my in-laws house – like a sippy cup and baby spoons, as well as a few toys for my son to play with while here. Since he’s their first grandchild they didn’t have anything like that yet. It was a very fun and successful trip as well. On Friday we plan on going to the farmers market where my mother-in-law sells her homemade Baklava. I can't wait.

Ok, so after all this shopping are you curious what’s on our menu this week? Well, here’s a little idea of what we plan to make in the next few days:

Steak with Artichokes Salmon with a big salad Stuffed Bell Peppers (stuffed with a ground beef and quinoa mixture) Rabbit with root vegetables Pizza with a few different cheeses and roasted peppers Liver and Onions

Yummy! I’m so excited about all of these meals. Best part is that thanks to my in-laws generosity we didn’t have to pay for any of our groceries this week. We just get to cook and enjoy! Parents are great, aren’t they? Thanks again Blake and Lisa! Thaddeus and Bryan and I really appreciate it and our belly’s do too!

Rejoicing in the journey - Beth Stedman