My Story: How I Got Engaged

n627823094_260099_7122Today I want to share with you about how my husband proposed. We had been dating for just over a year and personally I was already chomping at the bit to get married. I was very ready! In fact I might have been a little annoying. I remember the day before Bryan proposed I had a dream that he proposed and all my family and friends were there and I remember telling him that dream and him basically telling me something to the extent of “Well, you are just going to have to wait. I've got to save up for a ring, I might want to finish school first. Just be patient.” Well, he sure fooled me.

It was a Saturday and after a busy week of school and work we had planned to have a long day just the two of us. We decided to go to a movie and then to a wine and chocolate tasting at Whole Foods. We had an enjoyable time at the movie and an even more enjoyable time at the wine tasting. After trying some chocolate and wine we decided we weren't quite ready to head back to Bryan's parents, where we had plans for dinner. Bryan suggested going down to the Kirkland waterfront and walking by the water a little while. I quickly vetoed that since it was cold and raining (it was February in Seattle after all). I suggested we just walk around Whole Foods for a while more, which is what we did.

We got a gelato and wondered through the store looking at various items, talking casually about food and our future. It was the weekend before Valentine's day so as we walked we snacked on some candy hearts. Bryan had them all in a bag in his pocket and would pick them out and hand them to me. We'd read the little saying on the top and respond by giggling, or smiling or stealing quick kisses. I remember feeling incredible happy and content.

On the way out Bryan bought me a single rose. THEN we were walking to the car and just as we reached the car and he opened the door for me he handed me another candy heart, this one said “Marry Me”. I was NOT amused. I turned and looked at him with a seriously-how-could-you-tease-me-about-that look on my face only to find that he was getting on his knee and pulling out a ring. I am pretty sure I screamed and kissed him. He says I never actually said yes, but I am pretty sure it was somewhere in that scream.

We got in the car and I instantly started calling my parents, and family and friends. I had gotten about half way through the calls, when we got to Bryan's parents house. Little did I know that most of my family and friends were already inside. I walked in to find my parents and sister and a number of other people who are near and dear to me. Bryan had planned the whole thing. Poor guy had planned on proposing at the waterfront, but when I vetoed that he needed to come up with another plan as the date came to a close he knew he had to ask before we got back to the house so he did it in the parking lot. We laugh now about the fact that we got engaged in the Whole Foods parking lot (and about the fact that Whole Foods was the only place I went when I was in labor and one of the first places I took my son after he was born – I might like that place a little too much).

The party at Bryan's parents was perfect. It was good food and great people and we all just talked and dreamed about wedding plans the whole time. That night the girls and I stayed in a hotel room together and had some great girl time dreaming about colors and flowers and other wedding things. The next day we all had brunch together back at Bryan's parents house and there was a lot more wedding discussion. By the end of brunch we'd all agreed that the wedding would be at a villa in Italy.

Well, that's how we got engaged. I like thinking back on that story – thanks for letting me reminisce.

If you are married, how did you get engaged? I'd love to hear your story.

Rejoicing in the journey - Bethany Stedman