October 13 Synchroblog - Same Sex Marriage

The Christian Synchroblog that I am a part of is tackling the issue of Same Sex Marriage today as the topic for October. I’m sitting this one out, but here are the links from the bloggers who are participating. I haven’t read any of them yet, but I look forward to reading through what everyone has to offer on this hot button topic.

Kathy Baldock at Canyonwalker Connections - Marriage "I Do" For Who

Dan Brennan at Faith Dance - Sexual Difference, Marriage and Friendship

Steve Hayes at Khanya - Same Sex Marriage Synchroblog

Sonja Andrews at Calacirian - In Defense Of Marriage

John C O'Keefe - Exactly What Is Gay Marriage

Liz Dyer at Grace Rules - Nobody knows why or how same-sex marriage is harmful

Herman Groenewald at Along The Way - Same Sex Debate

Margaret Boelman at Minnowspeaks - What Have We Done

David Henson at unorthodoxology - ban marriage

Erin Word at Mapless - Synchroblog: Legalizing Same Sex Marriage

Joshua Jinno at Antechurch - The Church Is Impotent

Kathy Escobar at The Carnival In My Head - It's Easy To Be Against Equal Rights When We Have Them

Peter Walker at Emerging Christian - Synchroblog - Same Sex Marriage

K. W. Leslie at The Evening of Kent - Mountains, Molehills and Same-Sex Marriage

Rejoicing in the journey - Bethany