A Valentine's Letter to my Unborn Child

My Sweet "Baby Mystery", Today I am 12 weeks pregnant and I can't believe that you are already about the size of a lime. Honestly, little one, I've been having a hard time connecting with you so far...

By the time I was 12 weeks pregnant with your brother all I could think about was him. I'd constantly find myself rubbing my belly, I'd talk to him, dream about him and imagine what he'd be like. But, I haven't done that as much with you. There's more to do this time with a toddler to chase, I guess sometimes you just slip my mind. Forgive me, sweet child, and will you be my valentine?

I may not give you as much attention right now as I gave your brother in utero but I already love you so much! I'm gonna smother you with kisses when I finally get to hold you!

Today on Valentine's Day here is my prayer for you, my littlest valentine:

Mother of us all, I may not keep this little one in mind often, but I do hold them in my heart. May you hold them safe in the center of your heart. Spirit who nurtures, in the dark of winter, as this new life is formed, nurture light and joy within this child even now - create them into a bringer of light. God who is love, grow love in all of us for this new life. Even now prepare a place of love for them that only they can fill. Creator of life, May your hand shape this babe in health, that this new "baby mystery" would be the perfect second child for Bryan and I and the perfect sibling for little Thaddeus. In the name of the Word become flesh, Jesus. Amen.

Rejoicing in the journey - Bethany Stedman