Right now I'm cuddled up, nursing my babe, while my son snuggles on my side, watching Super Why and the snow falls out the window. Tucked under a blanket that my great grandma made, I am reminded of something I wrote a while ago and decide to share...

The Blanket

I am thin and tattered. Frayed and slightly unraveled. I am old with stories etched in every seam. Yet I am soft. I am warm. There are stories left for me to see. I encircle those I love in comfort. I wrap those I care for in strength. I am a blanket, Yet I am not only a blanket. I am something more. I am a symbol. I am the water that surrounds at birth. I am the arms of the mother. I am the sun beaming all around. I am the embrace of the lover. I am the earth that welcomes us all to rest. I am a blanket, And I am yours.

Rejoicing in the journey, Bethany